Example Contracts that you can use with your Employees

Note: I have to preface this with saying that I am in no way a business lawyer, so you should seek professional advice about your legal matters.

I've also had many ReplaceMyself.com users ask what contracts that we use with our own Filipino employees. The answer is simple: none.

Thats right, we don't use any formal agreements, contracts, etc since we never thought that they were necessary. I have a very simple relationship with the employees....they do the work and I pay them quickly. Its worked for years.

However...that isn't to say that contracts aren't a good idea. They would help solidify the roles of your employee and what you expect of them.

So, there are two contracts that if I had to recommend someone to use, I would. These are the standard independent contractor agreement and a non-disclosure agreement. Templates for these files are below ->

Independent Contractor Template
Non-Disclosure Agreement

You can modify these templates however you like....by adding your own employee rules, expectations, etc. For example, you could add things like:

  1. They must email you every day with an update email.
  2. They must send you an invoice at the end of the month to be paid.
  3. They need to notify you when they won't be working on a day (vacation, etc).
  4. etc, etc.

Just remember, this isn't an exact science. Just be fair with your workers, and they'll be fair to you. Treat them well! They will turn into invaluable employees for you.

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