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"How To Outsource Your
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To The Philippines For As
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" Join John Reese and John Jonas and
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On the Webinar You'll Learn...

  • How to hire the best!  Paying less does not mean you have to sacrifice quality.  Let me show you exactly what to do to find top performing employees for pennies on the dollar.
  • Spending a little to outsource will actually generate more money because you won't be tied up with menial work that someone else could do, while you could be pursuing new ventures.
  • I'll reveal all the powerful tools to get your workers up to speed and working independently right away.  That way you really can 'replace yourself'.
  • Discover how to hire and train individuals to do almost anything you could imagine. 
  • A little known process for hiring and rewarding employees that will get you top-quality work, quick turnaround, regular communication, and tons of profit!
  • Do you need a vacation?  You will have more free time than you ever dreamed possible with these techniques.
  • Create self-sufficient employees so you can go golfing, skiing, fishing, shopping...you name it!
  • ...And a whole LOT more!

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