How ReplaceMyself Works

ReplaceMyself is designed to make your outsourcing experience as easy and efficient as possible. We teach you how to outsource for free. Learn this on the outsourcing webinar . The paid part of ReplaceMyself is training to give to your Filipino, so you don't have to create training for them.

The system is divided into 2 parts:


Free training on how to get started outsourcing to the Philippines

When you register for the webinar about outsourcing to the Philippines, you'll learn everything you need to get started outsourcing to the Philippines effectively. This includes:

Where to find people

Where NOT to find people

How much to pay them

22 tips on how to successfully outsource your business

How to communicate with them

Why you WON’T have communication problems

What to have them do for you

The #1 problem you’ll have and how to overcome it

The difficult first task

How to not micro-manage them

Security concerns

The most important skillset to look for when hiring

Tools you should use to make outsourcing easier

How to pay them

Why NOT go to India

Significant cultural differences

How to deal with downtime

Skill sets you should look for

The hiring process

The 13th month

How to implement everything you know

Specific tasks they’re very good at

Red flags you should know before hiring someone

  • We want you to know what you're doing.
  • We want you to know how to hire people.
  • We want you to feel confident in your ability to succeed.



The Members Only Area

The members area is actually 3 different pieces.


As a member you get Free Access to


As a member you get in depth training to help you successfully implement outsourcing to the Philippines in your business. This includes:

Specific hiring instructions

Details on how to pay people

Details on the tools we use to manage our people

Tax concerns

Employment contracts


2 full two day internet marketing seminars. (Over 27 hours of amazing instruction to help get your Filipino workers up to speed in your business)

Answers to FAQ

Free access to the project management system I use to manage people.

Tips, tricks, and pitfalls audio

Keyword research training


Once you've hired someone, you have to train them.
You can spend hours and hours creating training, or you can let us do it.
You'll get access to our training modules which you can give to the people you hire.

Let us train your Filipino employees for you!

The ReplaceMyself membership program is designed to give you less work to do, NOT MORE! We've done everything we can to make it easy, hassle-free, and painless for you to get.

Get Your Life Back. Free Up Your Time.
Enjoy learning how to easily find, hire, and manage Filipino Virtual Assistants