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“I just haven't had relief in years because I am doing everything. It feels great to have someone helping. The first lady I hired is great and is already producing. The second lady will help me take off another hat. I FEEL ALIVE... Thanks again for putting together an affordable solution.”

  • Thomas Rendleman

Hello John

I have achieved more in three weeks than I have in two years, and it is all due to you, dan and the replacemyself program... the support I am receiving from Dan is first class and I have three employees now,,, my blogs are up and now with Dans help will soon to adding some affiliate links..

Jennifer Durham

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"This has already put an extra $35,000 in profit into my bank account..."

Kirt Christensen

Spokane Valley, Washington
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Larry Genkin


I love your program. I discovered that 80 minute audio in November '09 and immediately signed up for your program that night. At the end of January I was able to quit my full time day job. February '10 was an amazing month in my business. I now had more freedom than I have had in years, and I had a working system that was making me a decent living. I have nine Filipinos working for me, each in their niche, and they are wonderful. This is incredible!

I really owe you a huge thanks for everything, and I have recently been enjoying your 'Oursourcing in the Philippines' videos.


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Liza Schwartz

Your pre-found employees in the Philippines are the best! I tried before to hire internationally on my own and had poor results.

The guy you found for me absolutely rocks. Thank you so much, John Jonas and team, for putting together this invaluable resource!

Dave Crenshaw

Hi John,

I must say your customer service is the best I have seen in a long time. In the past I have bought products from other IM gurus they call themselves and emailed and emailed for support and some of them will not reply back to you ever!

Since I discovered Replacemyself.com it feels like I have just steped into a new world, I went and bought the whole training programs in other to have full access to whatever John Jonas is up to because I just love what you do John and "Dan" Infact, Dan is the coolest guy ever! he replies to all my emails because I have had some challenges with the guys and every time I emailed for support I get a reply back from Dan.

Your service is out of this world! I now get this guys to update my status on Facebook, accept friends requests which can sometimes takes hours because I get loads of friends request in a day it just crazy! but now I don't have to engage in such tedious tasks.

And I just love your energy! sometimes when I'm watching some of your videos when you are really passionate about what you are saying and really going for it you sometimes move your face suddenly to the screen? that makes me laugh big style! lol!

I love what you guys are doing!

Thank you very much for exposing me to the power of Outsourcing...

Have a great day

Hello John,

I am loving the system, and I currently have a team of 4 fantastic guys in the Philippines handling all of my internet marketing.

I am paying them $2.50 US an hour as a team. Based on the task I assign, they will decide who among them is best equipped to handle it.

They speak terrific English, they love working as a part of my team, and they flat out get the job done - usually beyond my expectations.

They're very creative and bring their own unique ideas to the table - this has helped me a great deal.

Thank you!
David Anderson

I just wanted to send you a quick email to say that I really enjoyed your presentation at "The Magic Bullett Seminar" in San Diego last weekend.

I've spent far too much time personally handling the daily, boring, time-consuming tasks needed to run my business that I haven't been able to take my business to the "next level" for quite some time now.

Until I saw your presentation at the seminar, I didn't really realize what was possible with outsourcing. However, after your presentation, it was painfully clear that I needed help in my business - and FAST!

So, the first thing I did when I got home was to listen to your "outsourcing training call" several times to really understand what I needed to do to start outsourcing.

Yesterday, I joined replacemyself.com and have already started contacting potential candidates from bestjobs.ph. In fact, I sent emails to 15 people, and have already received replies from 8 of them...within just a few hours!

I'm currently narrowing my list to a few "stand-outs" and hope to have someone hired full-time in the next 2-3 days. I'll keep you posted as to how it goes.

Anyway, I just wanted to say THANK YOU for opening my eyes and showing me just how easy (and affordable) it is to get the help I needed in my business!

To OUR Success,
Austin Fenhaus

Thank you for the great information, ReplaceMyself.com truly helped me grow my business more quickly, and I think EVERYONE needs to hear what John has to say about outsourcing!

There's no way I'd be where I am without the information John gave me on how to find, hire, and pay outsourcers.

Jason DeVelvis

John Jonas not only blew me away with his ideas about outsourcing but he's also changing the way I do business. I can't possibly tell you how liberated you'll feel once you really plug into John's private site. Several of my customers have ALREADY got people on board within 24 hours of getting John's system. I'm almost to hire a php programmer/graphic designer for $200 USD/month. How awesome is that? Thanks John!

Marlon Sanders


I went to a seminar back in July and everyone was talking about outsourcing. I already had a team of 16 based in India and they were great, but the speakers at the seminar were all talking about hiring people from the Philippines. I immediately wanted to find out more and when I got home I started researching and I found your website. I had a look into it and joined without hesitation. I have now hired 2 Philippine staff and they are fantastic. One to do graphic design and flash work and another to do SEO, link building and article submission. Since then my life has become even more easy and I want to thank you for providing such an awesome and easy way to find quality staff.

Kind regards,
Ben Hulme

Our Company has a few employees that live in the Philippines and they are by far the most loyal and hardest working employees that I have ever employed outside of my offices. I value their work as well as what they add to every project, above and beyond what I ask them to do. They all send me daily emails of what they accomplished each day and what they are going to do later in the week.

Damon Nelson

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"Hi John, Outsourcing is making a big difference in my business. It has allowed me to duplicate my efforts. Using my outsource resources, I can now complete several projects in the time it takes for me alone to do just one! I sometimes get distracted by the "bright, shiny objects" and leave projects unfinished. Not a problem anymore!"

Ollan Agtual

San Ramon, California

I hired my first part-time VA for $200 a month to work 5 hours a day. I am completely amazed with how it is going. I am able to get more done with in business than I ever thought possible.

Tony Paternite

Todd Dickerson said: "If you haven't taken this advice already you should seriously look into what John is talking about. I personally can and do live the 4 hour (or less) work week,.... It's simply the greatest thing one could ask for!"

Email Subject: THAT ROCKED!

Hey John - just got off your call - it was one of the best concepts and totally awesomely attractive offers I've ever seen! GOOD JOB!

I signed up already so I have an account - that is the best offer ever.

And at this point - I don't buy much!

This has come at a point when I really needed to hear it (providence? fate?) but it also explains where you went back in the days after I first met you.

Glad your wife and kids are doing great!

Thanks again
Rick Butts

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"I'm switching my 26 person workforce from India to the Philippines because of your call!"

Joel Peterson

Saratoga Springs, UT

Hello John,

I wanted to write a thank you email for sharing some of your outsourcing stuff.

One of my largest challenges this year has definitely been finding away to scale my efforts and projects. I know outsourcing is something I want to implementin my biz and Agents of Value seem to be one of the best solutions. But, for personal reasons and agenda I just never brought anyone on board from the past to present.

After listening to your advice. Absolutely NO BRAINER!

Just thought to share my implementation after listening to what you had to say.

Within 48 hrs...

Signed up to your membership. Took notes on "EVERYTHING" You had to say Instantly started sending out emails. Initially was planning on accepting 1 to work with, but was having so much fun and seeing the potential that I brought two on board. Next, finished about 4:00 in the morning with my last JING video, put together about a total of 10 5min.training videos - Are they "PERFECT" - NO - but it's good stuff which is plenty to get started.

Right now I feel like so much weight is off my shoulders, so thank you.

I can't imagine a better way to get started...best part is for me there are NO upfront costs. Besides my time and some work effort, there really is nothing to lose finanically.

Thanks Again

P.S. 2 cents about me - I'm 28, live in Montana, O.K. Affiliate Marketer, looking to grow my business many more levels.

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"Even without considering the time savings, my income has gone up over $10,000 in the last year because of this information."

Matt Lewis


Hi John, I am excited for the first time in years about the idea of fulfilling a project after listening to your call.

Thank you,
David Richardson

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"My guy gets so much done...ReplaceMyself.com is exactly what I needed to make more money."

Scott Boulch

Dallas, TX


I went knee deep into your replace myself program about a month and a half ago...

Truly loved all the content provided by yourself and the speakers from the videos.

Appreciation is an understatement, but THANK YOU and DAN, for assisting me and I hope to learn more from you guys in the future. Lets try to some up my experience short and sweet.

I focused on 2 Major New things, working with people form Phils. and Direct Linking.

Direct Linking - I'm not in a financial situation where I can just pay someone to learn something and do it. Right Now, I guess you can say I have more time then money, so I applied the direct link tactics, just like you guys explained.

Just did a screenshot of the account I setup up just for direct linking as an attachment. My daily expenses hasn't exceeded 10 dollars per day. My income has averaged $50 per day. So though the numbers aren't impressive, but its a PROFIT.

It's been awhile since I actually LISTENED to someones advice, because there is so much B.S. out there and I feel like I'm on my own island in Montana trying to figure this internet marketing stuff out.

Thanks Again and hope to stay in contact...

Chris Jones

P.S. while writing this email I made another sale. Here's another screenshot.

Possibly one of the most fascinating calls I have listened to. You have my money...

Nice one,
Ben Shaffer

John, this is some of the most interesting stuff I've seen in a long time. I've done the India outsourcing research and have people for about $5/hr. at best, but not at $400/month. I've known that the Philippines are better, for more understandable English, but I wasn't getting the info about the culture of "loyalty" and all of those hidden benefits. This is really great stuff.

All the best,
Clay Tudor, II, R.A., CCIM
Real Estate Broker and Architect
World Project Finance & Investment
Buyers Group

Hi John,

I don't think I have ever had so much fun as I am having right now on the internet. I have been working on this book project for over 6 months and just could not get it to work. Along you come and within 1 hour you showed me how to fix the problem. This is FUN!

Jim Davis

Hi John,

Thank you John - You are the best. I have a team of 6 now. I went from frustration to peace of mind and time freedom. This was all done in 2 weeks!!

I now have the following...

3 writers, 2 Web Developer, 2 Online Marketers, and 1 Personal Assistant, 1 Graphic Designer. I decided to start an Outsourcing company with all the extra time I had and now make more money with less work.

Simply put John Jonas, you are brilliant!!

Therese Prentice

Thanks for the great tips you shared on the 1 hour call. Though I'd heard many other tips and even calls about outsourcing, yours was immensely practical and doable - so I signed up. I work full-time in SEO and PPC (and used to work in staffing so the hiring tips you shared were right on) but haven't yet duplicated myself enough to reduce my hours and create business-owner wealth - I believe primarily due to this E-Myth dilemma. I look forward to receiving access to your site and moving quickly toward hiring my first worker from the Philippines.


I have been using your system for 4 months and now have a full time VA (she's great) and just hired a webmaster for my sites. Everything is going great - thanks for the kick in the pants I needed to go ahead and replace myself. (my wife and kids thank you, too!)

Jamie Davis

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Clint Rabey

The call went over very well. :) No more Indians for me heheh

Thanks for your help


Hi John,

I want you to know I saw you last Nov. online speaking at Jeff's conference. You took outsourcing to a new level in my mind because you put a sense of urgency behind it that no one else does. Period. So I watched you again in Feb. for the same reason Henry attended again...to get fired up by you again. I hired 3 part-time people in the Philippines and am struggling a little in keeping them busy. Already had 2 power outages over there:-(

Since then I have signed up for the Replace Myself program and canceled Jeff's and Steve Beck's program because I could not seem to get the help I needed when I got stuck in the mud. The day I signed up with you I got My Project Plans site going with just one little question. I emailed Dan at 9pm EDT, and he answered within 10 minutes!!!! He Rocks Too

I already feel as though King Kong is off my back and I can concentrate on filming videos in my niche of pursuing whitetails and turkeys. Kinda tough to outsource filming real video of that to the Philippines.

Randy VanderVeen

Hi John,

I have no particular questions about outsourcing because so far they have all been answered in the information at Replacemyself.com.

The only question I would ask other members is, If you haven't taken on someone int he Phillipines yet, why not?

My experience is that I joined your program John, after listening to the free audio. Before that I knew nothing about outsourcing in the Phillipines. Within 1 week I found an experienced Computer Science graduate on bestjobs.ph with exactly the skills I need. She has now been working with m e for 2 weeks and I am delighted with her.

I am sure my worker will be a great asset to my business, and I will be looking for more in the future.

All of the information in replacemyself.com is spot on.

Geoff Hayne

John that was some great information on the call and thanks for the PDF i may have heard of just one of those sites you use. :)

Desmond Owens


I Thanks for the call. Great info.

Mark Moses

Hi John,

Your call tonight was incredible. Thanks for your time and your insight!

Stephen Bolin


Thanks for the great call. It was wonderful.

Charles Pisano

Hello John,

I was on your call tonight. Great call! It was mind-blowing!


Hi John,

My two employees really liked the training and responded with enthusiasm. I'm glad that I started the process with you guys. While there are a few rough edges, there is some strong structure to your approach which I really appreciate. I can now see a team developing. I've always wanted that, but never quite managed it (until now). My programmer went walk-about. Perhaps my first task was a good filter. Pity, but really I don't need one right now as I can now see that you don't need a programmer to run good promotions.

John thanks for meeting me in Kensington. I appreciate it. It wasn't a far-out idea after all.

This graphic designer is quite talented. I can only see him getting better. His picture and design choices really bring the pages alive. I write my poetic / sketch a creative direction, and somehow he comes back with something that even enhances the original idea.

Steven Taylor

Hi John,

I just love your website and the value you create that benefits so many people. You are a rock star!! I also love Tim Ferriss's book The 4-Hour work week. And I am totally sold on his concepts and dream of the day I live. I don't think people really understand the true value of out-sourcing and how it can transform their lives. But I think once they visit your website-they will be completely sold as I was. I would love to share this with the world!

Mary Heath-Trione

Hi John,

My selection of newsletters I follow is quite strict I had been following one in particular for around two years there simple formulas online had been pushing me slowly towards my goals though the work load was getting intense. I had heard them talking about talking about out sourcing and had given it a go with great results. Though as John will mention there are hidden traps and 'you know what you know' and you know that there is stuff that 'you know you don't know'. The training of new workers, just getting them familiar with the way I like things to look on blogs and social accounts was driving me crazy. Its seams like a no brainier..though when you are hard on getting it all done and getting the cash in, you just do it! What a relief when all the problems I was having John was explaining in an interview, Here is the problem you'll have with that.. Here is how I get around that...I can't remember how many times I re listened to that interview. So off I went and joined up, within the first week I had a VA and a programmer just doing the general stuff day to day building followings and traffic task. I also had them doing my work moving out of my job is a goal of mine so I just though why not get them working on that too lol well it works and because they are full time they are picking up on things I miss and just doing it anyway. I get daily reports and to be honest the first two weeks I was hard done by to find work for them, just because it was a new thing for me and they get the work done. I started two new twitter accounts about a month and a half ago or my VA did I just gave her the keys words and said I need two accounts. They are both around 3000 followers (Onelifestyle & Cookinwithsuzan) now that's easy traffic for any new blog. So if your wondering where to get traffic? Say research ever twitter tool you can find and then use them! The good ones keep, bad ones don't. I want the traffic to go here and write something engaging so people click through!! The good part is the other accounts I will be setting up after this, the process of getting a start on traffic will be super easy. That's because they will know what to do! No teaching! Just doing! :)

Thanks heaps John your the man...

Bobby Garrett

"I was on the phone with Larry when he started talking about how good this is for him and his business. I didn't get to record the whole thing...but enjoy the part I got!"

- Larry Genkin


Hi John,

I am pleased to say that since two months ago, I've quit my job, hired 3 outsourced employees and am able to focus on developing my web properties like I had envisioned years ago. Replacemyself was really the catalyst to make this all happen, and for that I really appreciate it and your help.

Ann Nguyen

Wow - Your video Marketing project is Awesome!

John, Wow, I have gone through some of your training from the project called "Article Marketing." It is amazing. I have not known at all how to do video marketing correctly. I have an assistant in the Philippines that this will be perfect for. I actually created a Traffic Geyser account today and have already launched one video. I will have my assistant do this training on Monday. Also, I have a few friends that have signed up with replacemyself.com. I am going to email them right now and let them know to keep their eyes open for this project.

Thank you very, very much!!!

Nathan Woodbury


By the way, I've hired an SEO guy and a Writer. I've also picked up my first customer at $2,500 per month. My total costs will be less than $1,000. I'm stoked!

FYI, of the 40 people I emailed, 50% responded within a day or two and another 25% responded within a week.


Russell Volz

I'm truly amazed...

I'm truly amazed at the creativity, willingness to learn and the hard working loyal character traits I've seen so far. These people are fantastic. I've been working with "eLance, Rentacoder etc" since 2004 and had some good experiences there, but this is like entering new territory. For the first time I explain a repetitive task, the employee schedules it ... "And it's taken care off".

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction,


Hi John,

Already bought you program AND hired a guy for 20 hours a week for doing new websites for me. Garry's working out great. He's has 10 years of experience plus college, speaks good English (we talk on Skype) and I love him!! I'm paying $400 per month for 80 hours and he's well worth it. Thank you!!!

I had been checking out web designers in the states. They quoted me $12,800 for the new website I wanted (approx. 130 pages) and they had told me it would take about 2 months. I hired Garry, showed him their sites, told him what I liked, what I didn't like and what would be completely different. He also told me 2 months, maybe 3, but at $800 to $1200!!!!

So thank you very much for all your information, including how to pay him.

You're wonderful too!


Carol Tiffany

A huge thanks...

A huge thanks to both John & Dan for the provision of this most valuable service - ReplaceMyself.com & OnlineJobs.ph

Snowed under with technical / time consuming tasks for my portfolio of websites - in the end I looked at the outsourcing solution, specifically taking on workers from the Philippines.

OnlineJobs.ph to which you have full access upon signing upto ReplaceMyself.com has been a real blessing.

Very quickly I was able to search through all of the bang up date current resumes for the skills which I needed. Shortlisted a few names, contacted these individuals and within 2 short days, arranged to take on one highly qualified young man.

Now, several weeks later this young man is still with me and his knowledge simply astounds me. He is a very quick and able worker, able to carry out any task that I send his way with minimal hand-holding or supervision.

Ultra fast he has been an absolute blessing to my business, allowing me to concentrate on other jobs which I can do very well, rather than previously struggling for hours on end on technical matters which I struggle with.

Overall, this has pushed up my bottom line profits dramatically and none of this would have been possible without OnlineJobs.ph and ReplaceMyself.com

A massive thumbs up to the guys (John & Dan) behind ReplaceMyself.com and OnlineJobs.ph

10/10 - A Fantastic Service!

Mark Andrews


I was lost in the whole process of hiring a VA in a foreign country! I had so many questions and no answers until Jonas and Dan helped me out with their services in ReplaceMyself.com! They made it seamless and very easy. I am so pleased with my VA, he is such a part of my business and my team! Easy-Affordable-Honest. You get more than what you expect!

Makenzie Kelly

Your Partner in Success

I have been trying to outsource the many things we do online today for our business over the past year. I do have several people working for me in different countries but really have been looking to hire a few people full time for other tasks.

I registered for your ReplaceMyself program a few months ago and was getting frustrated trying to find someone after people would not follow through and was ready to cancel last week. Then I said let me login one more time and I sent an email to someone I found in BestJobs.ph. They have turned out to be awesome.

So to those that think your service is too much you are crazy, you are making a huge mistake.

I look forward to meeting you in the future. Just started to golf so maybe you can give me some pointers there too.

Your Partner in Success,

Dan Giordano

Hi John and Dan,

Not sure if you all will even have the time to pick up my minute email and read, but I just wanted to take the time to thank you both to what you have provided. It's really life changing. I don't have money testimonials, and I didn't quit my job.

I am working in my job right now and using that income for my online business. Through ReplaceMyself.com I was able to hire three full-time dedicated and loyal team members who I call 'Team Omers'. You see my business is called OM SAI RADIO.

OM SAI RADIO is about keeping an open mind to change your ways to change your life. When I found out about you through a webinar, I was a bit leery at first, but I have taken the first step on a path that lightens up along the way. I appreciate ReplaceMyself.com because is valueless. I am watching the MasterMind Seminar, and that seminar alone is worth thousands.

Warmest regards,


Hi Dan,

This is working out great. Since I started with you guys I have now expanded to four employees and am in the process of trying to hire two more which will pretty much give me the complete staff I want. Analine, whom I hired through you, was really well connected and just took over and knew where to find people to fill the jobs. I have now made her the manager of a staff of five (two pending. She has 2 writers, 1 php programmer, 1 CSS.XHTML Developer and 1 graphic artist.

I must say associating with replacemyself.com has been one of the best investments I have made in this business and I know after the meeting in the Philippines it is only going to get better.

I have learned more in the last month since John's webinar than most people learn in a year about how to save money. I have spent a lot setting things up, but I am just amazed at the available talented workforce in the Philippines. Before you guys educated me I figured a company could cut it's cost in half, maybe, moving abroad. I never dreamed we were talking figures like 500% to even 1000%. I figure I am hiring my whole staff for about what I would be paying just to Uncle Sam in taxes on those workers in the US.

Thanks in advance.

Marvin Webster

A week in and I have a really reliable employee who runs the business side of my business, she has exceeded all expectations with no training. Two technical guys are doing engineering work for me part time, and I've got a guy who isn't working out (I'm paying him for the month and cutting him loose tomorrow).

Thanks a lot. I'm actually going to be able to grow my business. I could never have done it without outsourcing. The business doesn't support me, let alone a part or full time employee in the US. Now it's helping a 'kid' in Phils pay for grad school, doing sometime he enjoys. I feel really great about the whole experience.


Tell John he is a GENIUS

Hi John,

Your work has completely changed the way I work. I can't believe that you're still not charging for the interview you're giving away on your site. It is one of the most valuable resources I've found online (and I've gone through a lot of marketing stuff).

Thanks again for the great ideas, John. Have a great weekend!

Eric Haaranen

I create and monetize internet businesses (with a specialty in SEO) and thanks to ReplaceMyself, now have 12 pinoys working for me and am making close to a million/yr in sales on my primary business, while getting 3 startups/fledgling businesses off the ground.

Best regards,

Hayden Miyamoto

We joined in early December, and as of today, we now have four people working for us. The culture and behavior interacting through email and GoToMeeting or chatrooms is an interesting way to develop relationships. Every one is a wonderful person and a pleasure to have as a part of our company team.

I have tell you, I really enjoy coaching, encouraging and working with them each day. Thank You so much for all your encouragement and coaching Dan. I really believe that in time, we will create a great working relationship, expand and develop a nice company to implement our business models.


Wanted to share this...

Hi John and Dan,

I just pulled the trigger on a 2nd full time hire tonight. I hired my first guy before the holidays, and he will be trained in a bunch of stuff over time, but to start out he'll build mini-nets, do article submission, build links, etc. His English is good enough to communicate with me, but not to write content.

So ... I decided to look for an AWESOME content writer. Someone who has perfect english and I don't care if he/she has any other skills aside from spelling, grammar, sentence structure and the ability to write interesting stuff.

I found her on OnlineJobs.ph last night. She emailed me back right away with a writing sample that blew me away. My wife said, "wow, I can't even write as well as her".

So of course, I'm thinking "I wonder if she had that edited professionally ..." Time to setup a skype text chat.

We did a 45 min text chat tonight. She made maybe 2-3 typos compared to my 8-10, and I didn't see a single grammar mistake. I thought I was conversing with an American. Honestly.

$350 per month, settled ... hired ... I'm really happy.


I just had to share that with you both.

Chris Thompson


Thank you Dan!

All that you have taught us in our training has been true and very helpful. We have found very hard working, respectful and talented people to join our team and work with us.

Thanks again for your coaching and advice.


Thanks for the quick response. And for the great training. All the training you guys do, also the q&a call, are very good and straight to the point. I love that you don't waste a lot of time talking about nothing. Thanks and I look forward to hiring someone really soon. Goodbye e-lance!!

Phillip Blackwell


I couldn't sleep a wink last. I was soooo excited about replacemyself.com, I was thinking about it all night. I have been "trying" to do internet market for a long time. Because it is so labor intense I have never had the time to do it properly, so I have not made any "real" money.

Now for the first time, I feel that I can make some real money, because I will have dependable help who I can trust and more importanly, I can afford.

Normally I would feel very overwhelmed by the thought of hiring some one from the Philippines, but with your help, guidance and support, I feel confident that I can do this.

I can"t wait to get started!! My first profect for them is to set up an affiliate site for "replacemyself". I think every internet marketer should know about this.

Thank you so much

Charlotte El-Amin

Awesome, Thanks!

The absolute best part of the membership was the Filipino job board in which I found FANTASTIC people.

Since then, I've been so busy putting things together and keeping them busy, I haven't had time to really dig into your trainings even.

Many thanks,

Julie Fortin


Must be a small world. Just saw your presentation on Auto Content Cash. Already hired one and looking for 2-3 more help.

Thanks for changing my life.


Joe Tran

Hey John,

I got my first guy hired on and he is doing great. This is really empowering...having someone doing my work while I am sleeping...im using basecamp to manage his tasks and its super easy...I'm Pumped!

Have a great weekend!


I was able to hire one writer from onlinejobs.ph and I love her! She is working out wonderfully. Here is a great story about that! I have Been paying her once a week through paypal 1250 php (just gave her a raise but that is what it was when this incident occurred) Anyway, I accidentally paid her in US dollars, so 1250 US instead of 1250 PHP. So I paid her about 10 months salary, and she could have just kept it and I never heard from her again, BUT she actually returned it!!!! I feel like I found a gem in her. Someone I can trust, who is smart and reliable. I would recommend this service to anyone! :)

Staci Gauny

- Phillip

TBought into replace myself and went through everything within 2 days and a few days later about 8 hours after I started emailing I hired my first guy and he is a super star.

I've hired 2 more and it only took me a few hours to do it for bother of them and then a 4th a few days later.

Love what you have created as I'm replacing 160 hours per week now and loving it =P)

Thanks for sharing the info with everyone via the course, pass this onto the man John also!

Dominik Mikula

Hey John,

I just got your replacemyself.com membership man. Holy crap, this kicks ass.

I have been doing Internet Marketing for 10 years, I've done everything in the book, lost and made millions online, bought every course, but I have never in a million years seen something of equivalent sheer awesomeness as what you have put together there.

Seriously, you are a genius.

Just your whole set up and marketing is an inspiration... It's like.... you know as a marketer you have a million ideas every day of things you "should" do, or things you "should" be doing, or would "like" your business to look like in the future..

The future, some day, when you have time to do all that stuff... but for now, you'll just keep doing the same old thing over and over again, going in circles, seldom getting anywhere..

But YOU, you have somehow turned all those SHOULDS into a reality for yourself.... and I marvel... And you don't even do any of it!

I can't wait to get started with this.

You rock, and thanks!

Kacper Postawski

I think Replacemyself.com is a great idea that has been executed wonderfully. There are 3 main things that stood out to me in this course:

1) Exceptional Customer Support: Dan (who deals with customer support) is fantastic and processes support questions in amazing time. Nearly all of my support questions have been answered within the hour, with many responded to in minutes.

2) Awesome Content: Even if you employed a complete newbie, you would still be able to train them up to a very descent internet marketing level. The 12 modules cover everything from research to SEO to advanced social media and linking.

3) Great Extras: Access to onlinejobs.ph + best jobs.ph + active colabs project management subscription were the highlights.

So well done on the course guys, think it makes outsourcing MUCH easier than it would be normally. Thanks.

Jonny Carter

Thank you for offering this great service. I expected to learn a lot, but even my expectations were exceeded. I certainly didn't expect to have my staff of 3 hired and working within 96 of joining your service. I've already shared my experiences with two other people and they were blown away at how much I've been able to accomplish in such a short amount of time.

Thank you VERY much!



Hey John!

Hope all is well with you and the family!

Just wanted to say that you have changed my life, an I owe you big time for that. If there's ANYTHING I can ever do for you, just ask and consider it done. (no joke) I tell everyone who is doing everything themselves to get your training and hire someone in the Philippines NOW.

Jason has been with me for a year this month, and he runs my ENTIRE business. Best thing I ever did. (Though it's a little scary just depending on one person- need to hire another!)

Anyway, thanks so much for all you do- you may (or may not) realize it, but you are literally changing lives (on both sides of the Pacific).

See ya!


Hey John / Dan,

Quick email to say thank you for simplifying the process and breaking it down for me. And to Dan as well for answering my questions over the weekend! I joined replacemyself on Friday night and just hired my first worker - webmaster - last night!! Found 1 or 2 other people as well, will decide by tomorrow.

So thank you again and all the best!



Dear John and Michelle,

The webinar both lived up to and exceeded my expectations and for that I am truly grateful for you both for sharing your wisdom on the subject of Outsourcing (exclusively to the Philippines of course :).

I missed the last 20 minutes of the Live Webinar to take my little boy to school (early morning here in Australia) however I recorded it and watched the last part later in the day.

I actually went to your site and immediately signed up for 3 months and am already in communication with 4 potential full time employees.

My main reason for sharing this with you is to let you know that in the past 24 hours , I feel liberated and in control of my own destiny in a way that I have not before felt. ( and it hasnt happened yet) However , I am truly grateful for opening my eyes to both your advice and your resources.

A Sincere Thank you and Gratitude for your Efforts

Kind Regards

Paul Wright and Janette Wright

Aamanzi Pty Ltd
Down Unda ! Australia :)

I couldn't be more pleased with you and John. I believe your one of Very Few Honest marketers out there. I hope I can reach your level in the future.


I am a ways off the 17 hour week (not that I'm too sure I want to permanently be there, but would like to do it sometimes) but I did hire my first person after going through your webinar. It has not been even a month yet and this person, is starting to become someone that I can trust with important projects. I had thought about this for some time and had trouble with starting. I thought I wouldn't be able to afford it and now I see that I was thinking backwards. I now tell people that you can't afford not to. Today, I got a new (to me) strategy from some guru and instead of it sitting on my hard drive, waiting for me to implement it, someday.

I sent it out to "my guy." It's being implemented right now. No waiting, no wishing or hoping I'll have time. Thanks for getting me on the track to "replace myself!" We'll see how long it's going to be before I hire the next person on my team. Don't know that I would have done it without the help at the site. Still got some ways to go, but it sure is looking better everyday.


Hi John,

Taking your advice and outsourcing to the Philippines has been the smartest move I've made for my online business. My Filipino VA got more done in one week than I would have got done all month!! After all I was only working on my website in my spare time (about 8 hours a week) and now I have someone working 8 hours a day on it.

I can finally implement all the great marketing strategies that I've been learning about.I'm getting more done than ever before and I've got more free time than I've had in months!!

The training that you provide to me and my VA has been invaluable. Thank-you so much. I love myprojectplans.com interface. It allows me the freedom to set up tasks I want completed days (or even months) in advance so that even when I'm on vacation my VA knows exactly what I need done

I just wish I had done this sooner.

Sadiyya Patel


Onlinejobs is the best. Now all my inhibitions in exchanging my full time job to full time working online. Now I can spend as much play time with my daughter and still earn much. I will never regret the day I signed up.


You are a life-saver.....NOT KIDDING. We have been trying to grow our GRAPHIC & WEB design company for several years but have been reluctant to hire another employee due to the extra overhead cost so we tried out your system. We have had an AWESOME experience with our Philippine staff. A couple of days after we hired our first Phillipine employee, we got word that one of our longterm in-house web developers was leaving us to go out on her own....two years of training her and that's the thanks....life happens....at first we panicked, but then we just placed a job posting and with our first web development project we made 500% profit...turns out that our Philippine staff is more skilled than the one leaving.....YEAH. By the way, James (Philippine Web Developer) is ecstatic over the amount of money that he is being paid....and we feel the same about having him on board with us. We now have 3 Philippine staff members.....SWEET! Thanks again. Wish you all the success.

Jeff Rambin


Hi John,

First of all, I want to express my complete appreciation for all your help with my online business in a very short amount of time. You and your outsourcing model have been on my radar for about a year. I was inspired to start outsourcing overseas without using Replace Myself at first. Big mistake. I have had some success with outsourcing the past year, but also a lot of of headaches without having the necessary tools to make my outsourcing process and internet business more efficient and profitable. After meeting and talking with you at the Webinar Summit (thanks for being so approachable), I was convinced that your program would work. I immediately signed up for Replace Myself and within 48 hours of meeting you, I had hired one full time web developer from the Philippines. He is working out great ..so great that I have already hired another web person and am excited to create a team of outsourcers from the Philippines all around me. Thanks to your program and your insighful coaching, I am very confident that I will have tremendous success with my online business. Thank you very much for all your help.


Hi John,

Thanks for your email and I enjoy reading your blog. Now one month into working with my full-time VA from the Philippines and it's going very well. It's changing the way I work too - and that's a good thing. More organised, systematic and consistent.

Thanks, and all the best from Sydney.

Ken Burgin

Hello John.

Thankyou, thankyou.

I am a Senior with a dream of getting into an Internet business for several years now.

2 years ago, my wife and I saw an awesome presentation by Daven Michaels of '123 Employee', at a seminar in Las Vegas about Outsourcing to the Philippines. It really impressed us, but I did not know how to get started. In early February of 2012, the time had arrived to make a move, or pack up my Computer and admit to my son who is an excellent I.T. person, that his old Dad was a complete failure where the computer and Internet were concerned.

I called the # for 123 employee and got an answering machine! I did that several times and did not even get a call back. So in desperation, I went to my email's, did a search for 'Outsourcing' and guess what came up. Yup, you guessed it. The Webinar which you did with Jim sometime last June. And the even funnier thing, is that I had totally missed it when his Newsletter came out. Did not know you existed. I expected that it would no longer be available so I was very surprise when I was able to open and watch the whole thing.

By your conduct, information and the fact that you are a good friend of Jim Cockrum, I am sure you are a Christian. I know that was Gods hand showing me that webinar. I signed up with onlinejobs.ph , started searching and told my son about it also. Our first employee did not work out so well and I had to end our working relationship after a couple of weeks. Now I have a fellow who I believe is very dedicated and capable, working with us. He is going great guns setting up 3 or 4 websites with all of the related links, responders etc.. I have also hired a young lady part time, who is a College student, to do some article writing and hopefully some ebooks.

I am so excited, I can hardly stand it.

Thanks again.

Joe Scruggs


I just want to thank for your excellent training modules. Having a bit of a wobbly start with my first VA I know have an excellent one and I've been sending him some of the training modules. I haven't looked at them myself in detail though I must admit.

However, my VA is an experienced SEO guy so he's familiar with a lots of methods and online tools but he thrilled with the quality of the content and keeps sending me "thankyou" notes and he claims he's learning tons from it.

I just wanted to post that gratitude to you since you guys!

Great work.


Thanks Dan!

BTW - I haven't gotten the numbers back yet for this Month but I think we have tripled our income (we do local SEO and ORM) since we started outsourcing to the Philippines. We started with you guys around the January :) LOVE your product.


Mike Alderfer


Net Media Pros, LLC
3008 Rogerdale Rd.
Houston, TX 77083


I don't need anything and I don't want to take up your time. But I am compelled to write to you. I am pouring through the TONS of material you have. I know it's for my workers but I want to learn this stuff too. I am just so amazed at your generosity. For all the content you are teaching, most other places would charge $5000 dollars (keeping this out of affordability for so many people) and still wouldn't give you all that you are sharing. I can not thank you enough. I'm sure I'll email in with tons of questions later but I just wanted to take the time to say thank you so very much to you and Dan.

Tony M.

PS -Can you let John know I appreciate him for preparing me for just about every thing that could go wrong and go right in outsourcing?

My outsourced VA usually logs on around Midnight EST. This morning she didn't log on until just after 3am EST because they lost power.

If John never mentioned it I would not have been prepared for it.

This has been a life changing experience, outsourcing to the Philippians.


Eric Garrett

Dan, John,

Just a note I want to thank you for the Repacemyself.com I caught the tail end of a webinar last year while home taking care of my father with cancer until he passed away. I didn't know who sent me the invite so I just kept doing the things I needed to by myself and a little of the wife's help but she really isn't into all the SEO and building sites. She does like the money though.

I have since went back to work I am a contractor over in Afghanistan and haven't had time to stay up with the business and the things that go along with it due to internet and time restraints. For six months my business was dwindling until I finally got another invite to your webinar again.

I joined and contacted total of about 15 people with a test job. the email basically explained who I was and that I have owned several brick and mortar companies in the past and I was looking to start another company called Ameri-Phil Marketing Solutions (American-Filipino) M S. Explain what my vision for the company as in local web site building and SEO, email marketing for the local businesses and to build money sites to fund the business for the passive income.

Out of the 15 contacted 13 replied a couple would go a couple days after I sent an email to reply after they said they wanted to do the test job so I let them go and just told them that I need people that are going to work and reply in a timely manner. So I now have a total of nine working on a test task for this month. It is the first week and I mean this task is complete from Keyword research finding the right domain name to setting up and writing and posting content. They have done so good in the first week and really all I wanted was that I set up some training for the way I want the money sites set up it would take a good 20 hours to go through, then for them to go through some of your training modules. They have done all of that keyword and domain research I'm talking some good research not just throw a bunch of junk together and forward it, it has been quality research.

One of them is my content writer she wasn't part of the task itself but was still under evaluation. Until I seen her personality and her work ethics now she is my content writer / admin hired full time and with a raise. She creates all of my spreadsheets and organizes everything with the team creates my accounts and then forwards to me what I need. I actually had to order her to get off the computer tonight and go be with her family and sick baby.

The point really is that Since being here in Afghanistan I just could do what I needed to do to keep the business going and growing now with replacemyself.com I wan see everything that needs to get done is and My go to girl in the The Philippines make sure they stay gainfully employed. One of them finished this morning what we had him working on ask her a couple hours later what do you need me to do for the rest of the day im finished took him about 2 house and he didn't want to get paid for something he when he wasn't working. one of the girls on the team ask how I wanted her to invoice me since she didn't start on the project the first day I told may admin to tell her to invoice me for the whole week it wasn't her fault she didn't start the first day that was my fault so I paid her for a day she she didn't even feel she should have gotten paid for.

So Thanks this has help My Business get back on track.

Jeff Titchenell

Ameri-Phil Marketing Soulutions

Dear John,

It's great to read from other people who are having successes with outsourcing using your system.

I am also winning with your outsourcing program. I actually only just started last week after attending your webinar and hired my first employee two days ago. It's not been that long, but I already feel there has been a weight lifted off my shoulders, knowing that I now have someone full-time to assist me with my business.

I always had so many things that I wanted to do in my business, and marketing was always the hardest for me to confront and get done. And when I did it, I always fell behind on all the other things that needed doing as well. I found I couldn't do everything myself and really make progress, as I was going in too many different directions at once. And there are only so many hours in a day. Now knowing that I have someone working in my business full-time, at an affordable rate, has given me back more of my attention to focus on the goals of my business and moving forward. And rather than doing every last little thing myself, I've been able to simply say what needs to be done, and then my employee does it! This is a big relief.

I've already been able to complete many important actions in my business, which were on my 'to do list' for months. And this just in the first two days. I am very excited to see how the next month goes and am feeling so positive about the expansion of my business and my future as a work-at-home entrepreneur. I can really see me achieving all of my goals now that I have some help to do so. Thank you so much! I really appreciate all your efforts to put together such a great resource and outsourcing system!

Kind Regards,

Tracey Haas

I just wanted to write and thank Dan for the FREAKING FANTASTIC customer service he has offered and to let you guys know he is doing a great job for your team. I have been known to be a bit of a pest in the past once I get ahold of a direct support email address, but even with the 3 emails we sent back and forth this morning he was kind, professional, and most of all HELPFUL!! And to top it off, he responded faster than any client service rep I have ever reached out to! Thanks again!!

Hillary Hansen,

Director of Marketing
Unique Online Furniture, Inc. Free Shipping in the Continental U.S.
BBB Accredited Business Cell: 419-913-6434
Toll Free: 866-526-1843, ext. 3
Fax: 866-526-1843

Hey John,

I just got the course. Listened to Module 1 asap. Jumped on the OnlineJobs.ph website, found 20+ great resumes, sent them what I was looking for, online & Skyped interviews and hired a great guy to handle most of the SEO work for my rapidly expanding online, social media marketing company - www.ViralBuzzMarketingGroup.com. The guys great and he works for $1.98 an hour. I LOVE the Philippines!! Your course paid for itself in the first month.

Thanks for your amazing course ReplaceMyself.com. I've already sent the info about it to several of my business friends. There's not a single business owner that doesn't need it.

It's one of those "DUH!" decisions.


Chasen Chess

Founder/Creative Director
ViralBuzz Marketing Group

Hi John,

I hope this email finds it way to you.

First off I want to thank you for your original program "Replace Myself". I do use Filipino workers because of your program and it has helped launch my business to make tens of thousands of dollar over the past couple of years, part time. Your support team and you have been terrific in answering problematic questions. Also your advise and introduction to other partners and software has been straight forward and honest. Thank God.



Thank you so much for introducing your program to me. I guess it would be a little redundant to say "You have no idea what shape I was in before Replacemyself came along." But it is true so thanks very much for all the videos and webinars and training on your site. It really helped me to get focused and in the right direction.


I would like to tell you a little bit about how I started a business last year that went from 0-over $200k within 10 months...this was after I got Johns course..so maybe you can forward this to him.

So after I watched a webinar on you John...I believe I then got into your membership site. After seeing all this information I was so moved that I went and got someone from the Philippines just part time. From your site might I add... onlinejobs.ph. (I have since recommended this site to tons of people)

So I created a website in the SEO realm..it was just me and my filipino employee...the very first month we did around $10,000 in profits....

Things then escalated and I had to bring more employees from the Philippines on..then more and more.

I started to higher friends of the people I had hired from that point.

A few months later I was doing over $30k a month in revenue with huge profit margins. I had around 4-5 filipino employees.

I went from 0 employees -to 4 employees form the Philippines! and had a quarter million dollar a year business.

I really contribute this to John for helping me change my mindset completely to remove myself from the everyday tasks....I started giving all my work to my employees. I was just there to focus on the direction of the company. As any owner should do.

You should not be the head of the company and installing wordpress sites or creating a spreadsheet..no way.

I would just like to personally thank you John...

Because of this I actually spent almost a year in the Philippines...not to work but to travel...and got to meet my employees! They said I was the first American they have ever met lol.

You are 100% correct...all of the people in the Philippines are so down to earth...caring and loyal. So happy!

So thanks again John for helping me change my mindset and go forth with this.

You have a great message and I hope more people can get involved with your word.

Thanks Tons John!

Maybe I'll see you in the Philippines someday! lol

Lyfe Lyte

Hi John,

I just wanted to let you know of my experience with Onlinejobs.ph. I hired someone full-time who was "The Best" at Wordpress. Despite watching umpteen videos, I was unable to set up a website. My full-time employee (16,000 PHP) is just completing two weeks. I sent her payment through Xoom. Since she's working full-time I'm paying every two weeks. I am positively ecstatic. I wasn't able to train her, since I couldn't do it myself. By hiring someone who already knew how to do what I needed, I got just what I wanted. The results are beyond my expectations. Thank you for enabling me to get this done at minimal expense.


Dear John Jonas,

John we met at a convention about 2.5 years ago. I went out immediately and subscribed to Onlinejobs.ph using your services at replacemyself.com. Our Filipino worker has been excellent for 2.5 years now! I could not have done it without you! I would not have known where to begin and honestly - never would have gotten the job done without you!

Thank you

Matt Listro

Hi John.

I signed up today, went through the initial training. Acted immediately.

Have a guy starting a trial tomorrow. (Getting him to install wordpress initially)

The guy hasn't even done any work for me yet but I feel like there's a weight been lifted off my shoulders. I was feeling buried by the amount of work that was ahead of me. Not anymore.

From now on my strategy is: learn -> synthesise -> delegate ->implement

By the way I'm in Ireland, not sure if you've any members from here. I'm going to get my business rocking and Ill be singing your praises too.

Big ideas for leveraging the fact that not many small businesses even know about IM and outsourcing here in Ireland. Skies the limit. *excited*

Thank you so much,


P.s. I absolutely love how you own all the solutions/websites that are linked together. Amazing strategy...

John Mulry

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