Outsourcing Training To
Train Your Filipino Outsourcers

One of the biggest problems people have when hiring people in the Philippines is training them to do work in an internet business.

This is why we created ReplaceMyself.

As a member you'll get access to trainings for your outsourced workers on the following topics:

These outsourcing trainings are designed to get your Filipino workers working in your business quickly with as little work on your part as possible.

We've literally spent hundreds of hours creating these trainings so you don't have to.

One of the biggest barriers for people getting started is that they'll have to spend hours and hours training the people they hire.

Not any more!

With ReplaceMyself.com, we have created the trainings for you so all you need to do is:

Hire Someone

Give them our trainings and have them do the work

Follow up with them and give them additional tasks

We strive to make outsourcing as easy as possible for you.

Get Your Life Back. Free Up Your Time.
Enjoy learning how to easily find, hire, and manage Filipino Virtual Assistants