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Replace Myself Is
The Easiest Way To Learn To ...
Replace Yourself.

Find, Hire, and Manage Outsourcers
from the Philippines


What can Filipino virtual assistants do for you?

Imagine What You Could Accomplish With Intelligent English Speaking Workers for $250/month…Full-Time (they work ONLY for you)

Never deal with Wordpress again

- from $2.04/hr

Design work...done

- from $2.46/hour

Custom PHP programming...Easy

- from $3.12/hr

Real Estate Virtual Assistant

- from $1.97/hr

Native english content writers

- from $2.18/hr


- from $2.20/hr

Design and Build your website

- from $2.50/hr

Bookkeeping? Ton's of experience

- from $1.87/hr

Filipinos Hired
questions answered
live trainings held
book downloads

Implement everything...
no really!

Our Filipino workers do everything from copywriting to programming to SEO. They also write content, build websites, post on Facebook and Twitter, do data entry work, and do customer service. You can implement all kinds of systems with a Filipino VA.
Don't worry, we'll teach you how.


Wait...Competent workers?

Yep. They built this website.
Yep. They designed and laid out this page you're reading.
Yep. They created our SEO and Social Media plan (and are carrying it out).
Yep. They built OnlineJobs.ph…and did the marketing for it!
Filipino workers can be super competent...if you allow them to be.
If you're tired of incompetent outsourcers, we'll make you happy.


Honest, Talented, and Motivated Workers

Amazing attributes exist in the culture in the Philippines that don't exist anywhere else in the world. Not that you can't find honest, talented, and motivated workers elsewhere, it's just easier in the Philippines. Not to mention the 4 other cultural traits that really make this good. We'll teach you what they are, and how to use them to make your life easier.


"Americanized" People.
No more communication issues.

In the Philippines, street signs are in english. So are billboards. They watch American and Australian movies and TV. Culturally, they're westernized. Typical "outsourcing communication problems" don't exist with Filipino virtual assistants.
You'll be blown away after you hire someone.

Responsive Layout

We don't just teach you how to find and hire and manage your Filipino virtual assistants, We teach you how to get the best ROI from their work.

Retina Graphics

Your success is important to us.
*After we teach you how, we offer our training to give to your VA, to make them more productive for you.*

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We don't recruit VA's and mark them up for you. Thousands of other companies do that

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We don't own an office in the Philippines (or in the USA for that matter). We practice what we preach.

Powerful Performance

We own the largest Philippines hiring marketplace. We can give you free access to it.

Full-Time vs Contract Work - One is definitely better!

Most people get frustrated with outsourcing because they hire contract workers creating 100% turnover in their businesses. Turnover stinks! Hire full-time workers, virtual assistants, who's skills stay with your business through the years. Hire once. Benefit 1000x.
Don't worry, we'll teach you how


An outsourcer capable of THINKING??? Imagine that!

We've grown accustomed to outsourcers who can only follow specific step-by-step directions, no thinking allowed. BREAK THE MOLD! Filipino virtual assistants are very capable of thinking through your projects. Solving problems! Just motivate them properly and change your (and their) way of thinking about work.
Don't worry, It'l be easy for you.


Creating Systems Is Easy With Filipino Virtual Assistants

Because you'll hire them full-time (or…it could be part-time), It's easy to have them implement entire systems in your business. Imagine what you accomplish when someone else does the process from start to finish
…and you're NOT involved!


13 Month's in a year?

Well, there aren't 13 months, but you do need to know about the "13th Month" custom in the Philippines…as well as 3 others which could make it difficult. Don't worry, it'l be easy for you


Look, this isn't India

The typical "Yes Man" doesn't exist in the Philippines. "Yes Men" come from India. You're gonna have a very different experience here.
And at 1/3 the cost...

Affordable Was Never So Real

A full-time helper for $250/month. This is what the word "affordable" was invented for.

Outsourcing without the Middle-Man Markup

Everyone hates the middle-man. We do too. That's why we didn't become one. We teach you how to find and recruit them directly...without salary markups.


It depends on how serious you are about getting help.
Thousands of businesses have been built by outsourcing to the Philppines.
Our workers have helped us build 7 successful businesses.
They've also helped:
  • Customer Testimonails

    I just haven't had relief in years because I am doing everything. It feels great to have someone helping. The first lady I hired is great and is already producing. The second lady will help me take off another hat. I FEEL ALIVE... Thanks again for putting together an affordable solution.

    Thomas Rendleman
  • Customer Testimonails

    John Jonas not only blew me away with his ideas about outsourcing, but he's also changing the way I do business. I can't possibly tell you how liberated you'll feel once you really plug into John's private site... I'm about to hire a php programmer / graphic designer for $200 USD/month. How awesome is that? Thanks John!

    Marlon Sanders,  http://marlonsanders.com/
  • Customer Testimonails

    I have achieved more in three weeks than I have in two years, and it is all due to you and the "replacemyself" program. The support I am receiving from Dan is first class and I have three employees now.

    Jennifer Durham
  • Customer Testimonails

    Thanks for your amazing course ReplaceMyself.com. I've already sent the info about it to several of my business friends. There's not a single business owner that doesn't need it.
    It's one of those "DUH!" decisions.

    Chasen ChessFounder/Creative Director,www.viralbuzzmarketinggroup.com/
  • Customer Testimonails

    I signed up today, went through the initial training. Acted immediately. Have a guy starting a trial tomorrow. (Getting him to install wordpress initially) The guy hasn't even done any work for me yet but I feel like there's a weight been lifted off my shoulders. I was feeling buried by the amount of work that was ahead of me. Not anymore.

    John Mulryjohnmulry.com
  • Customer Testimonails

    Thank you for the great information. Replacemyself.com truly helped me grow my business more quickly, and I think EVERYONE needs to hear what John has to say about outsourcing! There's no way I'd be where I am without the information John gave me about how to find, hire, and pay outsourcers.

    Jason DeVelvis
  • Customer Testimonails

    It's great to read from other people who are having successes with outsourcing using your system.
    I am also winning with your outsourcing program. I actually only just started last week after attending your webinar and hired my first employee two days ago. It's not been that long, but I already feel there has been a weight lifted off my shoulders, knowing that I now have someone full-time to assist me with my business.

    Tracey Haas
  • Customer Testimonails

    I went to a seminar back in July and everyone was talking about outsourcing.... I immediately wanted to find out more and when I got home I started researching and I found your website. I had a look into it and joined without hesitation. I have now hired 2 Filipino staff and they are fantastic... Since then my life has become even more easy and I want to thank you for providing such an awesome and easy way to find quality staff.

    Ben Hulme

What Makes Us Different?

It's built in to the name: ReplaceMyself

Yes, we teach outsourcing to the Philippines...
Yes, we want you to get the best ROI from your outsourced workers...
But, our philosophy is more about getting your life back from the rat race.
Free your time...even if it's just a little.


How We Make Outsourcing Easy For You

Outsourcing Can Be Complicated. Our Process Makes It Easy
Step 1:

Sit Back and Learn to Find, Hire, and Manage Filipino Virtual Assistants. Become a Pro Outsourcer in an hour and a half.  Enjoy »

Step 2:

Instant Access to Over 150,000+ Filipino Virtual Assistant Workers. View their resumes or post a job. We'll make it easy for you with examples and templates.

Step 3:

Hand Off Training To Your Workers In The Philippines. Make productivity shoot through the roof. Train your workers with our training. Nobody likes creating training. We've done it for you.  View our library of training you can hand off to your new Filipino VA.

Get Your Life Back. Free Up Your Time.
Enjoy learning how to easily find, hire, and manage Filipino Virtual Assistants