Article Marketing

Article Marketing is the single most effective way of marketing a website next to Google Adwords.

To run a successful online marketing campaign, you should learn to master both (or outsource them to someone who can).

Article marketing involves writing, linking and submitting high-quality information (related to your business) to article distributors throughout the web. These informative articles will raise awareness of your “niche”, increase your website’s visibility/traffic and build your Mini-Net and subsequent page ranking (see module #3, “Link Networks and Mini-Nets”).

This module gives you (and your “guys”) the exclusive “How to”:

•   Write and format articles for optimal online distribution.

•   Submit your articles to give them maximum visibility.

•   Attract visitors to your website through published articles.

John answers common questions about the basics of article marketing:

1.    Content: Where to begin and what to write about?

2.    Title: John will help your employees understand the importance of a creative, catch-y and relevant title.

3.    Format: How long should your ideal article be? Is the number of paragraphs and sentences important?

4.    Resource Box: What is it and why is it essential to the success of the article?

You’ll receive select access to interviews on article marketing with online business gurus:

MP3: Doing Article Marketing Correctly with John Jonas and renowned Internet marketer, Noel Swanson.

MP3: Article Marketing Process with John Jonas and successful online businessman and blogger, Matt Lewis.

You’ll also be guided through the logistics of Article Marketing, including:

•   How often you should submit articles.

•   The significance of “rewrites” and how to utilize them.

•   How to apply keywords as the article’s vehicle for success.

As a bonus, this module includes 3 eBooks with John’s helpful notes and suggested reading:

•   Article Domain Method

•   Chalking Cash from Articles

•   The Expert Guide to Article Marketing

Also Included:

A list of the BEST article submission sites that will give your article optimal visibility.

Templates for an original article and article rewrites.

“Content Blueprint,” a guide to:

•   How to find the best keywords for your article.

•   How to format your article.

•   What NOT to do when writing and submitting articles.

Use the resources in this module to continue to build your marketing success and sales. Get started today.

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