Content Sharing and Podcast Training

The purpose of this training is to teach you and your “guys” how to boost your SEO by sharing content and using RSS feeds. Both methods will help you get quality links to your site from trusted sources and rocket your website to the top of search results.

The module is broken up into 2 trainings:

  • Building Your SEO with Content-sharing Sites
  • Creating Quality Podcasts from RSS Feeds

Part 1: Building Your SEO with Content-sharing Sites

What is “Content-sharing?”

Content-sharing is the process of publishing any form of media related to your product online (with the intention of converting curious consumers into repeat buyers).

Simply put: good content-sharing will teach buyers why they need your product.

“Content” can be anything from an article related to your product to an informative video about your service. Good content-sharing uses original, informative material, created by your business team.

This module will teach your team the correct way to share content and where to publish it.

Your employees will learn how to use social media content-sharing sites (like Squidoo and Hubpages) and how to hand submit articles to directories (like Ezine and iSnare). Consistently updating and sharing content on these sites will build your Mini-Net and improve your search engine ranking (SEO).

This module’s content-sharing resources include:

  1. An audio intro about content-sharing sites
  2. A list of the internet’s top 5 social media content-sharing sites and article directories
  3. Basic rules and guidelines of content-sharing

- Using these resources, John and Dan will teach your “guys” how to publish content and maximize its effectiveness with Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and other social bookmarking sites.

Part 2: Creating Quality Podcasts from RSS Feeds

The main reason to create an RSS feed and Podcast for your website: GOOGLE LOVES PODCASTS. It will immediately boost your search rankings and increase your visibility.

It’s also a good opportunity to teach potential consumers more about your market and product.

An RSS feed will let your team hand-pick content that’s related to your service and product. This module then teaches your “guys” how to turn that relevant content into a podcast, so your potential customers can learn more about benefits and current issues related to your market.

Creating an RSS feed will also increase the number of links you have that go to your webpage to boost your SEO.

This module will get your employees started with:

  • A list of tools that will help you create an RSS feed for your site
  • 2 video tutorials on how to convert the RSS feed into audio for your podcast

Teach your target market why they need your product. Make your website more visible in search results.

Incorporate content-sharing and podcast creation in your marketing strategy with the help of this module.

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