Digital Publishing

The popularity of tablets and e-Readers has skyrocketed, making electronic media more popular than ever. Writing ebooks is a savvy and strategic way to get your product/service noticed and expand your market.

This module is packed with critical information that’s designed to get your ebooks published and syndicated with Kindle, Barnes and Noble and iTunes. With step-by-step guidelines and pages of publishing resources, both you and your VA will learn the basics of digital publishing.

The module includes training for you and training for your VA, which is uploaded automatically to

There are 5 major elements of digital publishing:

  1. Creating publishing accounts with Barnes and Noble, Kindle and iTunes.
  2. Generating your ebook title and description.
  3. Developing an eye-catching cover that meets each distributor’s requirements.
  4. Uploading your book for approval to each of the three major distributors (mentioned above).
  5. Publishing/promoting your book.

We give you the keys to quickly and simply complete each of the above processes.

We also outline the division of labor so your tasks and your VA’s tasks are clear.

In this training, you’ll find:

  • An Introduction Audio that addresses your role in the publishing procedure, including research, editing, and sales info.
  • 2 outlined templates for your VA:
    • Publisher Account Information
    • Publishing Checklist from the naming the book to the publishing the review

      (They can keep these on file for all future publishing to make the task faster)

  • The best, most economical way to create your ebook cover:
    • How to use fiver and get the most out of it
    • 5-point list cover requirements to meet regulations of B&N, Kindle and iTunes
    • How to teach your VA to manage the process
  • Publishing information and resources, including:
    • Amazon Ebook Publishing Guide
    • Barnes & Noble Ebook Publishing Guide
    • iTunes Publishing Guide
  • How to resolve issues with publishing on iTunes if you don’t have a Mac
  • How long until your book is published respective sites
  • The required ebook formats for each of the three distributors (html, pdf etc…)
  • How to teach your VA to manage the publishing process

Get started with one of the fastest growing digital trends. To learn how to use your VA to get your content published on with Barnes and Noble, iTunes and Kindle, click the link below.

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