Facebook Marketing

Updated to help you deal with the new Facebook Fan Page layout

Facebook marketing can be a key instrument in your marketing campaign. It can also be detrimental if it’s done incorrectly or poorly.

The guidelines, tips and tutorials in this module will teach you and your employees the best way to navigate Facebook marketing. It will also help you avoid common Facebook marketing blunders.

Facebook will help you understand your target market and get to know their interests and preferences.

It will also introduce you to your target market’s friends and maximize your exposure.

You will learn how to:

•   Build your presence on Facebook and across the web.

•   Engage your potential customers and build your “fan-base.”

•   Amplify your advertising using Facebook’s unique word-of-mouth system.

The tools in this module will help you with:

1.   Building your fanpage

2.   Linking your news feeds

3.   Creating your status updates

4.   The strategies of “liking”

5.   Content sharing

As one of the most important tools, this module will show you and your employees how to build a Facebook fanpage.

A good way to think of a Facebook fanpage is “free, flexible advertising.”

You will exclusively control the content, pictures and updates shared on this page. It can be used as a digital billboard and source of information for your potential buyers. Ultimately, if done correctly with the help of this module, your fanpage will direct consumers to your business’s website and boost your sales.

Included in this module:

•   Video- Social media rules and guidelines

•   Video- Facebook Introduction and Overview

•   MP3- Facebook Strategy

•   Link to the Facebook Marketing “Best Practices Guide,” where you will learn:

•   The logistics of the Facebook “ecosystem”

•   The five guiding principles of Facebook marketing

•   Links to 50+ helpful Facebook resources

These materials will teach you and your “guys” strategies like how to get 25 “likes” to your fanpage almost instantly and how to use RSS feed to make your brand go viral.

Get the tools for these proven strategies now and enjoy the benefits of Facebook’s “free advertising” by clicking below.

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