Getting Links to Your Site

In this module, John and Dan focus on linking your website to major information sources. Links from these sites will significantly increase your website’s credibility, visibility and accessibility.

This module is characterized by 3 trainings. You and your “guys” will learn the precise methods of posting and commenting on key websites to boost your marketing campaign.

The details in these trainings are crucial for:

•   Expanding the online visibility of your business.

•   Increasing traffic to your site.

•   Improving your SEO (search engine optimization).

You and your “guys” will learn how to get links to your site through:

1.   Forum Posts

2.   Blog comments

3.   Yahoo Answers

4.   Wikipedia

5.   Directory Submissions

Module includes FREE Directory Submitter Software and Tutorial partnered with Directory Submitter to bring you a free *full version* copy of DirectorySubmitter so you don't have to buy it ($97 value). With this software, you can submit your business information to thousands of directories webwide and augment your SEO efforts. You’ll also find a detailed, step-by-step video that teaches you how to submit your website’s information to directories.

Click below for your detailed guide on “Getting Links to Your Site” and a FREE copy of DirectorySubmitter.

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