High PR Link Building and Content Curation

This module consists of two trainings:

  1. High Page Rank link building
  2. Content Curation

High PR (page rank) link building is all about getting links to your site from authoritative, highly-ranked webpages. Content curation helps build traffic to a blog, local business website, or affiliate website, by becoming an "authority site" for the topic of choice.

Part 1: High PR Link Builiding

By following the instructions found in this module, you can significantly increase your site’s credibility and boost your website’s ranking in search results. High PR link building will help drive more, relevant traffic to your website.

Replacemyself’s 10 Steps to Successful High PR Building will teach your team:

How to use RSS feeds to get links

How to get links from credible sources like .edu sites

How RSS feeds increase the effectiveness of other links being created

Social bookmarking links

Using proxies for maximum success in link building.

Other ideas for getting links

In this module, you’ll find over 25 multi-media links to specialized tutorials and other reference materials that will propel your endeavor.

The audio intro covers the basics of:

  • How to use “High PR Link Packets” effectively.
  • The top 2 most important elements of keyword research.
  • Basics on how to get links from authoritative .gov and .edu websites, RSS feeds, social bookmaking.

Our 10 Steps to Successful High PR Building include detailed tutorials on the following:

  1. Listen to the high PR link building audio intro.
  2. Learn how to do effective keyword research
  3. Understand how to use “packets”
  4. Use our exclusive link to get links from .edu websites.
  5. Listen to our specialized udio interview with Steve and John Jonas
  6. Read the provided Link Building Ideas/Trainings
  7. Undestand the provided PDF on ow/why to use Pixelpipe to build links.
  8. Use RSS feeds to get links
  9. Bookmark RSS feeds on social bookmarking sites
  10. Learn to use proxies for high PR link building

Part 2: Content Curation

Content curation is the process of sorting through the vast amount of information on the internet, including blog posts, articles, video and news, and creating concise, targeted information about the topic. Content curation has gained mainstream traction as a sustainble, long term strategy for building content for a website, a small or local business website, or an affilate driven niche site, and attracting vistors and subscribers.

If you've been struggling with creatin valuable content for your website(s), content curation is a great strategy.

This module will teach your team why they are curating content, how to curate, and how to add value.

This isn't about spammin or auto-bloging, it's about creating value added websites that benefit your target audience and after creating the value you monetize the site.

Your employees will learn how to create RSS feeds, find good sources for content, and filter that content. Once you have your employee set up with the topics you want to target, and the tools to curate the content, they can begin building content for your website(s).

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