Local Business: Building a Wordpress Website

WordPress powers over 60 million websites worldwide and is currently one of the most popular web-hosting providers on the web. This WordPress training module provides the education to build a simple website for a local small business.

Your part in this...

You must give your VA direction for building the site. To simplify this, we have created an instruction document that you can use and modify to assign the work to the VA.

In this module you will find step-by-step WordPress website building instructions for your VA.

In addition, your VA will learn how to:

  • Change permalinks to be more SEO friendly
  • Use basic plugins to build a small business website
  • Add a Google map of the business location
  • Review competitor’s websites to find out what information should be included on the local business website

An important element of internet marketing is making the website accessible. That is why we have also included a video tutorial on mobilizing the website. This includes a segment on:

  • Adding a WordPress mobile plugin
  • Selecting a mobile theme
  • Basic modifications that may need to be made to make the theme suitable for a business

In this module you will also find...

  • Training on post and page content, specifically addressing when to use each.
  • A tutorial on getting content to use for blog posts (audio, text and videos, from the business and ideas to build content)
  • Ideas for creative ways to develop blog content for a local business website to increase the amount of information that can be used for SEO purposes

This training does not cover graphic design, WordPress development, PHP or CSS, WordPress installation (this is covered in the basic WordPress training), or SEO- except where it factors into WordPress when creating pages/posts/etc.

*Note: The WordPress training module is a bonus training included in your My Project Plans account. This training presumes your VA has either completed that training or is already experienced with building a WordPress website.

Use the resources in this module to continue to build your marketing success and sales. Get started today.

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