Local Business: Craigslist Marketing

Craigslist is a classified advertisement website that gets approximately 2 billion views every month. This makes it a great local marketing tool that should be taken advantage of by local businesses to build and increase success.

This training is chock-full of step-by-step video tutorials, strategies, resources, and tips to make Craigslist ads easy to create and effective for marketing.

You will learn how to deal with:

  • Local phone verification
  • Posting from a US-based computer
  • Posting with the same IP address (and names of the best software to do this)
  • Avoiding “ghost” ads (meaning they show up in your account manager but not in the list of ads for others to see)

Your VA will learn...

  • How to review the competition
  • How to design and write a successful ad
  • How to create and post Craigslist ads
  • How to create photographically rich ads using Use.com
  • Craigslist rules and terms of service
  • Craigslist posting strategy

In the module you also will find a list of tools to track the effectiveness of your Craigslist ads and step by step advertising instructions, including critiques and reviewing the competition.

Helpful resources include:

The Craigslist Training Manual which teaches your VA how to:

  • Register and verify Craigslist accounts
  • Post/Repost ads
  • Survey competition

The manual also includes critiques of real Craigslist advertisements and a Craigslist ad makeover.

Additionally, this module covers the different options you have for creating visually appealing Craigslist ads including:

  1. Desktop software
  2. Online listing services
  3. Image-only ads

Use the knowledge, tips, and resources in this module to continue building success.

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