Local Business: Facebook Marketing

If you haven’t caught on to social media marketing yet, you are missing the boat big time. It is by far one of the most effective ways for your business to become known. Use this module to grow your business by getting hooked up with Facebook.

For you, the business owner/consultant:

This module includes a list of decisions that need to be made by you before handing the training off to your VA. You will find guidance for those decisions and a Facebook set-up document to help you organize your Facebook strategy.

Your VA Will Learn How to:

  • Create a Facebook profile/timeline cover image
  • Create a fan page
  • Sync Youtube channel(s)
  • Sync a Twitter account
  • Feed Wordpress blogs to Facebook
  • Create coupons using an easy online tool

Along with coupon creating, this training provides an overview on including promotions and offers on your Facebook page. It covers the different types, tips, claims, and other information on offers as well as how to create them.

This module also contains:

  • Ideas for creative Facebook page design
  • A review of SEO for Facebook
  • Step-by-step task lists
  • Posting content ideas
  • A list of helpful paid/free facebook page resources including apps for real estate, restaurant, and travel

In addition, the module provides supplemental training and articles that are periodically updated to keep up with the constantly-evolving nature of social media.

Update your marketing strategies by utilizing Facebook and discover what social media can do for your business.

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