Local Business: Local Directory Listings

Creating local business listings is one of the most critical, and strategic steps in marketing a small business.

This training will teach you and your VA the importance of local directory listings along with teaching your VA how to create them. Each video/written tutorial is broken down into easy step-by-step instructions.

What the module provides you...

As a business owner/consultant, you will have to make decisions and communicate those decisions to your VA. This module addresses the decisions you must make, ensuring that you will not leave out important details.

Your VA will learn how to add business listings to various local business directories including:

Google Places, YellowPages.com, Bing Local, Yahoo Local, City Search, and InfoUSA/ Express Update

In addition, this training covers:

  • How to add photos and videos to the listing
  • The verification process
  • Important information on local search ranking factors
  • A list of websites suitable for local business listings
  • A list of tactics to earn links
  • Information on fractured listings and ranking

You will also find a list of 40 questions answered about local search.

Resources you will find in the module include:

  1. Local Business Listing Data document- used to gather the data your VA needs to complete listings for a local business
  2. Local Business Marketing Tracking document- used to track the listings and user accounts at the various websites
  3. A generic PDF file with /images of the business listing verification postcards that you can give to your client(s).

*Listings play an important role in SEO, so it is preferable that your VA has a little bit of SEO experience for this task (see SEO training module).

Provide your VA with the tools they need to build your business with local directory listings. Get started today.

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