Local Business: Mobile Websites

Internet usage through mobile devices and tablets is growing rapidly, which is why mobile sites are so necessary for successful business marketing today.

This module consists of 2 trainings:

  • Mobile Websites
  • QR codes

Part 1: Mobile Websites

The idea of creating mobile sites is to enhance user friendliness by having a simple and fast loading layout that works on a small screen. By making your sites more available, you expand your customer base instead of shrinking it!

For you...

This training covers decisions you must make as the business owner/consultant, such as whether you should use a WordPress mobile theme/plugin or a third party mobile website platform (depending on the nature of your site, one is better than the other).

To make organizing your strategy and communicating the decisions easier, the module also includes a Mobile Website Set Up document.

Your VA will learn how to:

  • Create simple mobile websites using Onbile.com (this is a subscription based service
  • Create simple mobile websites using Dudamobile.com (this is a subscription based service, but through a Google promotional link the first year is free)
  • Install a mobile theme or plug in for a WordPress website
  • Add Google places, Google maps and Yelp links to a mobile site
  • Test a mobile website in a mobile emulator

These things are each taught through easy, step-by-step video tutorials.

The module also covers how to mobilize an existing wordpress website including details on:

  • Installing plugins
  • Using themes from the wordpress theme directory
  • Uploading a themes found elsewhere

*Note: This training focuses on building simple websites and basic theme/plugin installation. It does not include information on script installation or adding enhanced software features.

Part 2: QR Codes

A QR code, or a Quick Response Code, is a matrix barcode that can store data, including url links, geo coordinates, and text. The great thing about these codes, and the reason why you should incorporate them, is that they can be scanned by mobile devices to retrieve information.

Part 2 of the module includes:

  • A QR Codes Set Up document
  • Video tutorials on how to create QR codes
  • Creative ideas and uses for QR codes

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