Local Business: Video Marketing

Video marketing is a fun and creative way to market a local business. Even better than that, it is effective! YouTube is the second largest search engine and their videos rank well in Google searches.

Through audio clips, video tutorials, and other resources, this training covers the strategy and content generation of video marketing.

Your Employee Will Learn How To:

  • Develop video marketing content
  • Build and brand a YouTube channel
  • Create good small business videos
  • Use SEO strategies to improve YouTube ranking

Implementing videos is a great marketing strategy, however, just creating and posting videos is not enough. This module also covers advanced youtube strategies to implement sales techniques to really make your videos effective.

Resources include:

  • Small Business Video Marketing Strategies
  • Small business video examples
  • Articles on advanced technique that will enhance your VAs knowledge of video marketing

For your benefit, new information is added to this training periodically in order to keep up with the evolving market.

Discover the different angles you can approach, the opportunities for promotion, and the different types of videos you can make with video marketing.

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*Please note that this training does not teach the technical fundamentals of creating the actual video, just the content, branding, and SEO strategies for a small business. For technical fundamentals, have your VA complete the general “Video Marketing” Training.

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