Local Business: Yelp Marketing

Marketing with Yelp can provide small businesses great opportunities to grow their customer base, receive constructive feedback, and ultimately increase success.

Through audio clips, video tutorials, and other resources, this training covers how to create and manage Yelp listings. It also goes over Yelp deals and how to use Yelp as a lead generation tool.

You, the business owner/consultant will receive training on:

  • What to do first
  • Decisions you must make
  • Important notations

In order to make communication clear between you and your VA, we have provided a Yelp Business Listing Data document. This document will help keep necessary information for an effective Yelp listing organized.

Both you and your VA will learn how to find clients on Yelp.

In addition, your VA will learn...

  • How to claim a Yelp business listing
  • How to interact with customers on Yelp
  • What makes Yelp more effective
  • The importance of responding to negative reviews
  • About Yelp deals and check-in offers

Provide your VAs with the tools they need to manage Yelp listings today.

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