Link Networks and Mini-Nets

Mini-Nets naturally boost your website’s authority and SEO, making it more accessible to consumers. This module will teach you and your “guys” how to create a Mini-Net around your website.

To break it down:

The more credible a website is ranked by Google, Yahoo or other search engines, the higher it will “naturally” appear in search results.

The higher your site is ranked in search results (the closer it is to the top of the results page), the more visits your site will receive.

The more visits your site receives, the more sales you make.

Creating a Mini-Net is a relatively simple and inexpensive way to increase your website’s authority and boost your search ranking (moving your website closer to the top of the search results page).

Here’s how it works:

When many relevant websites include blue, click-able links to your homepage, your website gains credibility and authority. As mentioned above, increasing your authority also increases your search ranking and subsequent traffic to your site.

You can either:

Wait to be recognized by other sites who choose to include
links to your website (a process that could take years),


You can create your own network of small, relevant websites that include
links to your main homepage (aka: you can create your own Mni-Net).

With the help of this module, you will:

1.   Create minor webpages that provide useful information related to your product or service.

2.   “Link” the small websites to each other and your main webpage in a proven, strategic manner.

3.   Manage your “Mini-Net “ to improve the credibility of your main webpage.

Some resources included in this module:

•   PDF: “How To” Build a Mini-Net, including visuals and step-by-step instructions.

•   MP3: Creating a Mini-Net Overview with John Jonas.

•   Video: Mini-Net Recap with John Jonas.

•   Links: a list of websites and trainings compiled by John and Dan to help you and your employees better understand Mini-Nets and Link Wheels.

Get Started NOW: John and Dan will teach you and your Filipino VAs the best way to create a Mini-Net and rocket your search ranking.

Also included in this module:

MODULE BONUS: Setting Up Email Accounts

This exclusive video teaches your “guys” how to set up multiple email addresses to support your marketing needs.

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