Podcasting is a powerful way to reach a new audience, gain trust, build a relationship with your listeners, and advertise effectively.

This training module is designed to:

  • This training module is designed to:
  • Teach your VA how to produce a podcast from beginning to end using step-by-step trainings, video tutorials, and equipment information.

This training module includes:

  • Questions to consider as you begin a podcast
    • These questions will guide you and your VA in setting up a podcast that will target your intended audience.
  • A list of basic decisions that need to be made and tips on how to make them
    • Looking at and addressing these decisions will ensure that you are not forgetting or leaving out important details.
  • Step-by-step video tutorials on how to create and produce a podcast, including details of:
    • Incorporating audio clips and theme music
    • Connecting with a co-host
    • Recording a podcast
    • Uploading a podcast to the internet
    • Posting a podcast to a blog/website
  • The Top 10 Recording Tips
    • Including tips on sound levels, podcast lengths, intros and outros, editing, keeping content interesting, breaking up segments, and getting people from your podcast to your blog.
  • Equipment reviews and information
    • Information on what each piece of equipment is and what it is used for
    • Product comparisons
    • Product recommendations
    • Where to find the best equipment for the best prices online (sold in packages or separately)

This module also includes recommendations of online tools used to make creating, uploading, and posting podcasts easier.

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