Sales Copywriting Training

To make sales, you must have persuasive copy in your articles, site descriptions and website. This module will teach you and your team key concepts and tricks of writing compelling content.

This module is designed to teach your “guys” write copy that:

  1. Grabs the customer’s attention.
  2. Develops an interest in your product.
  3. Create a need to purchase the product, now.
  4. Encourage customers to take immediate action.

Effective sales copy is essential to convert viewers into customers. has compiled multi-media tutorials to get you started right away.

Teach you employees copywriting fast with 3 audio guides and 5 PDF tutorials.

This module’s learning materials include sales secrets from renowned online marketers like:

  • Michael Fortin- Successful professional sales letter author.
  • Joe Vitale- Marketing professional and “Law of Attraction” specialist.
  • Blair Warren- Author of the online course, “One Sentence Persuasion.”

Good sales copy is especially imperative on ‘sales pages’ and ‘squeeze pages.” These two elements play a key role in your ability to close a sale. Incorrect wording or formatting on could be detrimental.

This module answers the following questions about ‘sales’ and ‘squeeze’ pages:

  • What are the 4 essential elements of a sales page?
  • What’s the best way to catch a potential buyer’s eye?
  • How can the right graphics maximize the effectiveness of your sales page?
  • What is the function of a “squeeze page” and how should it be formatted?

This module also provides your “guys” with a long list of successful sales pages to use as sales page templates.

Optimize your sales and avoid the most common sales copy mistakes by following the guidance of this module.

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