Script Installation Training

With this module, your employees will lean how to manually install software (or scripts) onto your web server.

An intro video will introduce your team to the relationship between browsers, URLs, domains, domain registrars, DNS, web hosting accounts, web servers, scripts, server-side, browser-side, and cPanel.

To help them understand the details of installing script, your team will be guided step-by-step through the process of manually installing Wordpress. Subsequently, they’ll understand the basic procedure to manually install other software.

6 detailed videos with basic steps and visuals will help your “guys” understand script installation:

  • Video 1 - Download and unzip Wordpress files from
  • Video 1.5 - (Optional) Create a new directory or an addon domain for the website that you're installing the script on OR use an existing directory on your server.
  • Video 2 - Create an FTP account in cPanel and upload the Wordpress files to the server.
  • Video 3 - Create a MySQL database using cPanel to connect to the database to the script/software.
  • Video 4 - Finish the installation by running the script using the specified install.php.
  • Video 5 - How to use Simple Scripts to install popular web software programs in just a few seconds.

Bonus Material :

  • “How to” use cPanel (the web-hosting control panel) in the form of videos and written tutorials.
  • Video 5 - PDF: Using Filezilla FTP Client- Filezilla allows convenient management of website tasks. Easily configured, Filezilla’s quickconnect feature simplifies and speeds website maintenance.

Teach your employees the basics of script installation with this module. Get them started today by clicking the link below.

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