SEO Training

When your website is optimizes the right way, your business becomes more “search engine friendly” and is more likely to show up in search results. Getting other webpages to link to your site accomplishes the same goal.

Together, these methods will strengthen your SEO efforts and establish your site’s credibility. This module will teach your employees how to do both.

Goals of this module:

  1. Teach your team the importance of SEO.
  2. Optimize your website so it’s more appealing to search engines.
  3. Help your “guys” understand the most effective SEO tactics.

This module is packed with easy-to-understand SEO training and visuals. It provides your team with basic tools to help them expedite your SEO efforts. will teach you how to optimize your website’s content, including:

  • Keywords
  • Page titles
  • URLs
  • Meta tags
  • Anchor texts

You and your team will also learn how to create links from other pages to your site.

After John’s SEO audio introduction, your team will be given Google’s Official Search Engine Optimization Guide.

This 32-page guide outlines and explains the following aspects of SEO:

  • SEO Basics
  • Improving Site Structure
  • Optimizing Content
  • Dealing with Crawlers
  • SEO for Mobile Phones
  • Promotions and Analysis

Your employee will learn how to write meta tags and titles that appeal to search engines, how to make your site easier to navigate, how to promote your site in the “right ways” and more.

Also included in this module:

  • 30 page PDF: A Beginner’s Guide to SEO by Randy Fishkin of
  • Video and Tutorial: How to do SEO with Eric Holter, renowned internet entrepreneur.
  • Link to The Basics of SEO, where market research, keyword research, site structure, on-page optimization, brand building and viral marketing are explained.

John also provides a prioritized list of the most important and effective SEO method so your team will know where to start and how to focus their energy.

Optimizing your business’s website is key to a successful online marketing campaign. Click below to get started.

(Note: for specifics on article marketing, Web 2.0, facebook marketing or other itemized SEO tactics, see the full list of module descriptions.)

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