Video Marketing

Video Marketing is a major component of modern, online marketing (aka: “Viral Marketing”). It will will help boost your SEO, visually establish your “brand” and drive traffic to your website.

In this module, John and Dan give your Filipino employees tools to create and distribute quality videos online. All you have to do is “OK” their finished product.

This module includes how to:

1.   Create videos that will drive traffic to your website.

2.   Market your product and/or service within each video.

3.   Submit videos in a way that maximizes your video distribution and online visibility.

Your employees will learn:

The logistics of creating online marketing videos:

•   How to utilize free software to create videos.

•   Appropriate lengths and formats for effective and appealing videos.

•   How to name the video’s URL to increase your SEO.

The best way to market your business with videos:

•   Specific scripting techniques the hook the audience.

•   How to name videos to make them attractive to online audiences.

•   How to use links in videos to support your SEO campaign and online visibility.

How to submit marketing videos using the best distribution services.

This module will also give your employees a step-by-step training on how to link the videos they make to your Mini-Net to strengthen your SEO campaign (see module #3, “Link Networks and Mini-Nets).

Some Multi-Media Resources Included in This Module:

1.   Audio Introduction to Video Marketing with John Jonas

2.   Creating Videos from an Article: Learn to utilize successful marketing articles to create/enhance your videos

3.   Create a Video Sharing Your Site: How to effectively use your website in a video

4.   Example Script: A basic outline of how to “hook” your audience using script

5.   Tips on creating videos with the following programs:

•   Powerpoint

•   Google Docs

•   Animato

•   CamStudio

•   Windows Movie Maker

5.   And everything your employees need to make top-notch, compelling videos.

Video Marketing Training Included in This Module:

1.   Creating a YouTube Channel with Compelling Graphics

2.   Adding Annotations and Banners to YouTube Videos

3.   Tweak YouTube Videos for Search Engine Optimization/ Video Optimization

4.   Adding Call to Action to YouTube Videos

5.   Advanced Video Marketing Tips and Tricks

Give your “guys” the tools they need to begin your Viral Marketing campaign.

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