Adwords and Wordpress

Google Adwords is a powerful marketing tool that increases your business’s visibility and drives traffic to your website.

This module coaches you through the basics of creating Adwords campaigns and gives your “guys” the training they need to maintain them.

You will learn:

1.   Why Adwords is a great advertising investment for your business.

2.   How to set up new Adwords campaigns and manage them.

3.   How to track your best keywords and advertising tactics.

4.   How to delegate the details of Adwords to your Filipino workers.

The written tutorials, step-by-step videos and creative audios teach you how to put Google Adwords to work for you.

This module gives you exclusive access to:

Our “Adwords Overview” and “Navigating Adwords” videos:

These videos will teach you and your Filipino workers the ins and outs of Google Adwords.

Our multi-step tutorial on Ad creation

This resource features advertising tips from the experts, including:

•   How to write a compelling ad.

•   Headlines that hook the masses.

•   How to ‘Split Test’ to evaluate your most valuable ads

Adwords Miracles:

This 100+ page eBook will guide you through online marketing strategies and help you manage your Adwords budget..

John’s “How To” set up conversion tracking for your own or affiliate products.

How do you know which ad campaigns are earning you the greatest ROI? We teach you how to keep track of the traffic and sales that come from your different campaigns.

The Adwords Optimization Call

1 hr 32 minute recorded phone call with John Jonas and Scott Boulch. You’ll learn the tactics they use to maximize their returns on Adwords investments.

And many other resources.

ADWORDS MODULE BONUS: *Wordpress Training* Blogging is a great way to update your clientele on business developments and inform potential buyers. This Wordpress training provides you with links to:

•   Install and get started with Wordpress.

•   Choose from a variety of Blog themes and layouts.

•   Tweak and perfect your blog to match your business.

After reviewing this training, send it on to one of your “guys” in the Philippines to help you manage your personalized business blog.

Get started with Google Adwords and Wordpress to optimize your online advertising now.

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